We believe service and quality are the cornerstones of every project.

Providing safe working conditions, both on site and off, is a responsibility we take very seriously – for our own staff and contracted trades / suppliers.

Protecting our environment for our children’s future is another duty of care we are passionate about.  Waste minimisation and re-purposing is a major motivator.

We consider ourselves comparatively fortunate, so we share our success with the community in a variety of ways.  Our giving program is significant and regular.

Project delivery is always enhanced through close partnerships, so we work closely with many industry professionals to collectively deliver improved outcomes for our clients.

We still haven’t mastered that elusive work-life “balance”, but genuinely care for our large FDC family. Staff and family events dot our social calendar and give us all great enjoyment.

This belief structure at FDC permeates from the owners and shareholders to all staff.  It is fundamental to our culture and values.  It is intrinsic to our recruitment, induction and training.   We know that by ensuring your project’s success, we do for ourselves

“The more we contribute to your success, the more we contribute to our own” is our mantra.

It is what we believe in.


At FDC, our notion of service is based on the effort in delivering outstanding projects to our clients and ensuring a pleasant experience for our project partners during the journey of delivery. Great service brings happiness.

Personal attention, dedication to the cause, resource reliability, professional skills and a non adversarial attitude are typical of what you can expect from FDC.

Employing various clichés, we look outside the square, go the extra mile and turn over every stone to ensure we have given all we can to make our clients happy.

Happy clients are the best referees.

Happy clients keep coming back.

Happy project partners want to work with us again.


We believe the concept of quality revolves around ensuring the project objectives are met, if not exceeded. The journey from concept to handover should be as easy as possible and the outcome must empowers those it is built for. The start is as important, if not more so, than the finish.

Nothing is more rewarding than a client crowing “this is so much better than we expected” or a project manager admitting “you really went the extra mile to make the process easy” or a designer to acknowledge “you really treated the design with respect”. This feedback is the essence of the quality of relationship we seek and nurture.

FDC Group’s human capital deliver insightful, accurate, comprehensive, exploratory, intelligent and personal service in translating a concept design into a buildable reality with precision and passion. Achieving quality is very much about the people – and relationships forged.

FDC’s internal quality procedures have been honed over many years, improving our deliverables as we learn from each experience. Those processes are now the foundation of our fully certified Quality Assurance Management System (ISO 9001:2015), an integral part of our fully Integrated Management System (IMS). These processes help direct our people and projects down an effective procedural path.

Winning awards is further testimony to the reputation we have built for excellence in construction. We refer you the “What We Build – Awards” page for a list of achievements.

Please find a copy of our accreditation below.



We acknowledge responsibility for the safety of our staff, both direct and indirect, on site and off.

The company has a certified Occupational Health and Safety Management System in place, certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001, as part of our Integrated Management System. It covers the proper induction, training and mentoring of staff to mitigate risk. It also forms the basis for site specific risk assessment and site specific project plans to manage those risks.

Appropriate and comprehensive insurances are maintained for all aspects of the business, plus those which are site specific.

We abide by statutory requirements and closely follow industry and union actions which demonstrate positive change and continual improvement.

FDC’s commitment is genuine and has resulted in no prosecutions or fines relating to safety management.

More detail on the FDC OH&S system can be obtained by contacting our National EHS Manager via enq@fdcbuilding.com.au

Please find a copy of our accreditation below.

Sustainable Solutions Safety - Expires 30-06-2020 (Page 1)

Best Practice

In 2013 FDC Construction & Fitout (NSW) was successful in our application for Best Practice Accreditation under the NSW Department of Finance & Services, Contractor Pre-qualification and Best Practice Accreditation Scheme. This is a significant achievement for FDC and is recognition of our high standards in operational organisation and project delivery.

Diversity and Equality

We have a strong commitment to gender equality and recognise the importance of having a gender balance at all levels within our company. In a traditionally male dominated industry, FDC maintains a higher than industry-average female participation, but we are always looking to improve. We understand that a more diverse workforce drives innovation and helps us push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

We are avid supporters of investing in education and driving diversity in our future leaders. More recently we have collaborated with Western Sydney University to create two new scholarships aimed at encouraging women to enter the construction industry. The FDC Scholarship Empowering Women in Construction supports female students involved in any course within the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, and aims to inspire female students to graduate and apply for positions in construction.

At FDC we believe strongly in developing all of our staff in both their strengths and weaknesses to support them in achieving their career goals. We consciously provide equal opportunities for all employees at all levels of the business.


Our company leads the way when it comes to celebrating the role of family values in business and people management. We promote flexible working arrangements that enable staff to work varied hours and to care for sick family members when required. We also offer generous paid parental leave provisions.

Aboriginal Participation

FDC are aware of the need to create and extend opportunities for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders to join the building industry and are fully committed to providing a range of employment prospects and training to the indigenous community. We uphold our Aboriginal Participation Policy, an agreement that aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by connecting them to work opportunities we provide in the construction industry.

FDC are collaborating with local councils and Indigenous groups to develop Aboriginal skills and training. A number of these are a result of long standing regional / rural community relationships. Others are strategic investments into innovative new facilities to promote training and employment.


Partnership can mean a lot of things, but we like to think of it as a concentration of energy, a synergy of skill and a sharing of knowledge to achieve something better, faster and more economically than perhaps was possible via traditional means.

We foster partnerships with clients, landlords, project managers, design consultants, property experts, financiers, suppliers and others to innovate and discover better ways to do business. Linking a need with a solution is the ultimate goal. Finding an efficient and effective solution is our point of difference.

Our portfolio is peppered with incredibly challenging projects which, ironically, we seem to revel in. It is because of the multi-disciplinary skills of the FDC team that we are able to confidently tackle a project that others shy away from. We are not afraid of risk, preferring to analyse the risk and mitigate it for all parties. It is often through our network of friends and partners that we are able to meet and satisfy those difficult projects..

We are members of professional associations to build upon partnerships and knowledge sharing, including the Master Builders Association (MBA), Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Property Council of Australia (PCA), Facilities Management Association (FMA), National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), Ladies in Property (LIP), Women in Design and Construction (WIDAC) Telecommunications Industry Group (BICSI), Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) as well as being certified in a number of key data systems, including Commscope, Siemon, Panduit, AMP Netconnect and Krone.


FDC is, at heart, a family business. Through its leadership, FDC demonstrate solid family values in business and people management.

We celebrate engagements, marriages, births and personal milestones as a means of ensuring that family is always front of mind.

We host family events to ensure our staff can mingle with one another’s families and build a sense of comfort, confidence and understanding of what goes on in a typical work day. Every other Christmas, FDC’s Head Office holds a major event dedicated to our kids, where a carnival atmosphere is created and Santa arrives with gifts and good wishes on his trusty FDC ute. These events are amongst our favourites, as the sight and sound of happy children is hard to beat.

FDC is wonderfully multi-cultural, with an amazing mix of cultural backgrounds, family histories and beliefs. We value this diversity, for it broadens all of our horizons.

A periodic internal newsletter is produced so family members can tune into the key issues and achievements of the business.

We have a Work Life Balance committee who meet monthly to discuss ideas of how to work smarter (not harder) and to consider events and activities to bring our team and families closer together.