We sometimes forget that life – and business – is really all about the people.

It is our goal that the FDC team genuinely help find solutions, have the capacity to listen and learn, the initiative to innovate, the intelligence to add value, the generosity of time to help others, the foresight to predict risk (and the experience to avoid it) and the willingness to build a strong, collaborative spirit to deliver the project objectives… and do so in a friendly and engaging manner.

FDC strives to ensure we all work in this manner.

The FDC team comprises some 500 staff across Australia. We mentor our newcomers with our more experienced elders and we are always flexible.

The management team is diverse in skill and experience, but we all share a common ethos… that by contributing to your success, we ultimately contribute to our own.

The broader company management organisational chart is available on request.

National Leadership Team

Divisional Management