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FDC Construction & Fitout are proud to announce our association with the 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation through sponsorship of their cycling event next week – “Pedals ‘n Medals”. Widely acknowledged for their assistance in helping war veterans overcome trauma, 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation has achieved many milestones since its conception in 2016.

FDC’s Managing Director Ben Cottle said, ‘Our military and first responder personnel often struggle to assimilate back into society after military and front line duty. As a community, we owe it to them to do all we can to make this process as easy as possible and 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation will provide valuable support in this area.’

“Pedals ‘n Medals” will take place on 27 – 28 October in South East Queensland’s Scenic Rim region. The picturesque two-day ride begins in the rural town of Beaudesert with an overnight stopover in Boonah, then back to Beaudesert via Peak Crossing.

FDC’s sponsorship of the event includes the contribution of a rider kit for each cyclist. All funds raised from the event go towards ‘Camp Courage’ which aims to dramatically enhance the quality of life for military and first responder personnel with physical, mental and emotional health issues by means of one of the world’s best live-in rehabilitation programmes.

Ben Cottle has been a great supporter of the rehabilitation of military and first responder personnel and admires the approach and techniques that 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation brings to the table. “The foundation has consulted health professionals, studied credible research papers and identified a huge gap in the rehabilitation process for suffering military and first responder personnel,” he said. “It’s also a well-known fact that a rural environment can have a real positive impact on people suffering from mental health issues, particularly PTSD, anxiety and depression.”

Pedals 'n Medals - v4.5