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As part of our inclusive culture, FDC host several site-based functions every year, designed to connect our office staff with site activities and to link our construction teams with fitout teams – for mutual understanding of achievements and innovations. Recently, one was held for 14 ladies, specifically to enable our female team to tour and learn from a number of fantastic projects.

The number of women employed by FDC across their six offices has increased steadily over the past five years. FDC recognise the importance of women’s contribution to the workforce, especially in this traditionally male dominated industry. Recently, Prime Minister Turnbull stated  ‘Without a commitment to greater gender equality, the building and construction sector is missing out on attracting and retaining the best talent. In an industry which is fundamental to the transition of our economy, the growth that stems from a more gender-balanced workforce is in the best interests of Australia’. Women account for just 11 per cent of the total construction workforce and they leave the industry at a rate almost 40 per cent higher than men.*