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Representatives from FDC, Laundy Hotels, Sydney Business Park and other key stakeholders attended a ground-breaking ceremony today for the group’s new ‘The Marsden’ Hotel & Brewery, a 5,900sqm hotel, brewery and conference centre development.

Plans for The Marsden include a variety of spaces, from family dining and kids playground areas, public bars and lounges, to outdoor sports and gaming areas. The two level on-site brewery will produce 10,000 – 15,000 barrels of beer per year and supply The Marsden and other Laundy Hotels venues. A conference and function centre on the first floor, will accommodate weddings and corporate events up to 400 guests. The design aesthetic includes an exposed steel structure, distinct internal areas and a large extent of operable glass walls for indoor/outdoor spaces.

“Laundy Hotels and FDC Construction & Fitout have been working through the design and development for a number of years and celebrating the commencement of construction activities marks an exciting milestone in the realisation of this legacy project. With the sheer volume and diversity of growth in Marsden Park and Western Sydney, this development seeks to provide a social hub for this rapidly growing region that will play an increasingly important part of Sydney’s future” stated Peter Stait, Project Manager (FDC Construction & Fitout). “Catering to the regions residents and visitors, families and corporate guests, local workers and sports fans, there will be something for everyone – the Laundy Hotels Group is making a big investment in the future of Western Sydney, and FDC Construction & Fitout is proud to be able to help them realise this long held goal.”

FDC be will delivering this project in conjunction with Altis Architecture and Northrop Consulting Engineers.

Photography: Raw Life Studios

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