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FDC Construction & Fitout’s cadet, Julia Palic, was recently granted a scholarship to attend the International Construction tour in January of this year.

International Construction is a summer school subject that enabled Julia and 11 other Bachelor of Construction Project Management students from the University of Technology Sydney to travel to sites in Vietnam and Japan.

The subject introduced students to leading professionals in both countries, including Quantity Surveyors, Developers, Architects, and Construction Managers and presented an in-depth look into time, cost, and quality implications for construction projects in both Vietnam and Japan, whilst also providing a broader understanding of the different safety and quality regulations around the world.

A highpoint for the students was visiting the head office of Sekisui House in Tokyo. Sekisui House provided insight into innovative and sustainable techniques that had been developed by the company and shown throughout different sites the students visited. They also had the opportunity to visit Sekisui’s recycling factory, prefab factory and several Sekisui House display homes.

A personal highlight for Julia was visiting construction sites throughout Vietnam and finding that while it is still a developing country, they are experiencing incredible growth within the construction industry.

Julia was able to take away an abundance of construction knowledge from this opportunity and has since gained a practical understanding of the methods of construction in both Vietnam and Japan, as well as the international projects occurring in these countries.