Project Description

The project was the design and construction of a new dealership which was to be housed on a challenging 2.5ha site, previously home to an industrial facility. The project required the partial and strategic demolition of the existing facility, maintaining all perimeter walls and the main structure of one of the existing buildings.

The major challenge of the project was the minimal site access. With O’Riordan Street being one of Sydney’s busiest roads (and council nomination of a one point entry / exit requirement), coordination and planning became the key exercise in delivering the project on time.

The project was designed, built and completed over twelve months. It has been heralded by John Newell and Mazda executives as one of the world’s finest Mazda facilities.

Project Features

  • Conversion of industrial facility to retail use
  • Partial demolition / retention of existing structure
  • Specialist and mechanical workshop
  • Showroom, offices and parking areas
  • MBA Award Winner

Project Size



38 weeks


John Newell Mazda

Award list

  • 2011 Winner
  • MBA
  • Best Industrial Building < $10M
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