Project Description

FDC completed a fitout and refurbishment project for Westmead Hospital. The project was divided into two parts; a 190sqm project for the Masters of Nursing, The University of Sydney and a 450sqm Short Stay Redevelopment within the hospital.

FDC managed the design from concept to construction drawings working with the end user groups and hospital departments where FDC engaged and managed architects and service consultants to deliver a fast track design development process.  FDC  achieved sign off from the hospital user groups within a 2 month period to commence construction on site.

Works included the demolition of existing facilities to allow for fitout works, asbestos removal, medical gas installation, services design and structural penetrations through 3 levels which involved cutting through a hazardous storeroom.

The Short Stay Redevelopment was completed within a live hospital environment as it’s based in the heart of the Emergency Department. This involved isolating essential services such as medical air and oxygen but with the collaborative efforts between the contractors, hospital staff, stakeholders and FDC the project was executed successfully and ensured the safety of everyone at all times. The refurbishment of an existing ward and empty ‘shell’ was executed to create the Short Stay Redevelopment that adjoins the emergency department.

The other half of this project was the refurbishment of existing laboratories into training facilities for Masters of Nursing (The University of Sydney). Masters of Nursing simulation lab was designed and constructed to provide the nurses being trained with firsthand experience of hospital procedures involving   beds, medical gases and high tech dummies which simulated medical situations.   A major medical gas isolation was treated with great pre-caution as FDC were not able to access as-built documentation. The isolation was for a training faculty all areas involved were treatment rooms including intensive care units and a donor clinic.

This project was delivered within 14 weeks.

Project Features

  • 190sqm project for the Masters of Nursing, The University of Sydney
  • 450sqm Short Stay Redevelopment within the hospital
  • Demolition of existing facilities
  • Asbestos removal
  • Medical gas installation

Project Size



14 weeks


Westmead Hospital

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