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New technology is helping reimagine the meaning of worksite safety. 

In construction, looking after people’s safety is a non-negotiable. Here at FDC, we’re committed to finding new and improved ways of looking after our people – whether that’s on site or in the office. Along the way, we’ve come across some interesting trends and technology that have the potential to transform worksite safety. Here’s one that caught our attention.

Robotics and drones

Construction sites across the world are starting to welcome robots and drones to increase worksite safety and efficiency. Recently, FDC hosted Spot – a Boston Dynamics drone brought to Australia for the first time by Sphere Drones. In an Australian first, Spot was brought onto an FDC construction site to test its capabilities.

Spot performed site walks, explored tight spaces, and inspected high-caution areas using its game-changing, customisable functions. With 360-degree sensors, Spot can perform a full site walk with a greater range than humans. When you add acoustic sensors to Spot, it can even detect specific noises such as leaks. Thermo cams and gas detection devices can also highlight similar issues.

Watch the video to see Spot in action on site with our FDC team.