The more we contribute to your success,
the more we contribute to our own.Ben Cottle, Founder and Managing Director

For over 25 years we have believed and followed Ben’s mantra.

Whilst the FDC of today is very different to the FDC of 1990, the message (and the culture) is still the same.

We are focussed, work hard, plan smartly, reduce risk, price sensibly, communicate well, think outside the square, perform to our best and we’re respectful of others. By investing in these basic principles, we have earned an envied reputation for trustworthiness, reliability, collaboration, fairness, innovation, safety and quality.

The people who own FDC, run it. We have no external shareholders or investors. We have both a personal and professional interest to be the industry leader, to be your builder of choice. We’re humble enough to realise that without clients and partners, we simply won’t have a business at all. FDC is a significant industry force today because of the principles we established over 25 years ago.

Our clients are our best marketers. Repeat business, referrals and references have underpinned our continued growth. Delivering consistently, with personal attention and a rare humility, we have built our own success on the success we deliver to our clients.