Indigenous Participation

FDC are committed to a reconciled, just, and equitable Australia.

We recognise the role we play in turning our reconciliation intentions into clear actions and will leverage our network of over 550 staff, our nationwide geographical footprint and our business partners to achieve our outcomes.

Building a United Future
and FDC Senior Management Commitment

At FDC, we are committed to leaving a legacy we can all be proud of. We imagine a future where all Australians are united by our shared past, present and future. Where our team, our partners and our clients can celebrate our diversity but stand united by one national culture. Where our project teams seek out Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander supply chain partnerships because it makes our projects and our outcomes better. And where we actively promote the participation and career development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within our business because it makes FDC, and our society, more sustainable.

This is our vision for reconciliation.

FDC are proud to have advanced our RAP journey to our current Innovate status. Details of our RAP objectives and key deliverables may be found in our Innovate RAP.

A Message from Reconciliation Australia

Karen Mundine, Chief Executive Officer, Reconciliation Australia

Reconciliation Australia commends FDC on the formal endorsement of its inaugural Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Commencing an Innovate RAP is a crucial and rewarding period in an organisation’s reconciliation journey. It is a time to build strong foundations and relationships, ensuring sustainable, thoughtful, and impactful RAP outcomes into the future.

Since 2006, RAPs have provided a framework for organisations to leverage their structures and diverse spheres of influence to support the national reconciliation movement. This Innovate RAP is both an opportunity and an invitation for FDC to expand its understanding of its core strengths and deepen its relationship with its community, staff, and stakeholders.

By investigating and understanding the integral role it plays across its sphere of influence, FDC will create dynamic reconciliation outcomes, supported by and aligned with its business objectives. An Innovate RAP is the time to strengthen and develop the connections that form the lifeblood of all RAP commitments.

The RAP program’s framework of relationships, respect, and opportunities emphasises not only the importance of fostering consultation and collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, but also empowering and enabling staff to contribute to this process, as well. With close to 3 million people now either working or studying in an organisation with a RAP, the program’s potential for impact is greater than ever. FDC is part of a strong network of more than 2,200 corporate, government, and not-for-profit organisations that have taken goodwill and intention, and transformed it into action.

Implementing an Innovate RAP signals FDC’s readiness to develop and strengthen relationships, engage staff and stakeholders in reconciliation, and pilot innovative strategies to ensure effective outcomes. Getting these steps right will ensure the sustainability of future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives, and provide meaningful impact toward Australia’s reconciliation journey.

Congratulations FDC on your Innovate RAP and I look forward to following your ongoing reconciliation journey.

Cultural Awareness Training

FDC have an active programme for our employees to participate in cultural awareness training, events and collaborations that ultimately contribute to an increased understanding and appreciation of the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These programs are key to achieving our stated long-term ambitions for a reconciled, just, and equitable Australia.

Supply Nation info and
Current Statistics

Since establishing our Supply Nation membership in 2018, FDC have spent in excess of $30m with more than 80 different registered, Indigenous suppliers. We are proud that our engagement of Supply Nation registered businesses has grown each year since membership, and that our record stands consistently above those of our industry peers. We also recognise the importance of collaborations and partnerships with Indigenous businesses and community organisations as a means of improving the lives and futures of Indigenous Australians. FDC will continue to make many and varied contributions towards Indigenous businesses and causes, with a view to seeing a more reconciled Australia and better outcomes for the generations ahead.