Gender Diversity

"We are committed to achieving gender diversity".

Russell Grady, Managing Director

Our industry is the most male dominated industry in Australia. Women make up 13% of the Australian construction workforce with 11% of that 13% in support and administration roles – not product or client facing.

This comes with significant hurdles to overcome beyond hiring and promoting females to achieve a more desirable gender balance. At its core the pipeline of females coming into our industry is small. Increasing the attraction of females into our industry will give us more people, more capacity and more resources and this will remain a key focus area for our business along with our how we retain and progress our top female talent.

At FDC, we remain focused on our gender diversity belief – when we have more women in our teams we see stronger team collaboration, higher engagement, a reduction in risk, a boost in productivity, an improvement in culture and more diversity in thought, resulting in improved wellbeing for all team members and more quality outcomes for our projects and clients.

The Women In Construction Movement

An FDC initiative dedicated to advocating for and empowering Women in Construction. We recognise the challenges, but we know that we are stronger and achieve better outcomes with greater diversity and more women in our workforce.

We are not here to just talk about change, we are here to take action, illuminate the path, and uncover opportunity. We lead by example and inspire those around us.

Welcome to the Movement.


WGEA Pay Gap Analysis

We are pleased to share FDC’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement. In this statement we explain the WGEA Gender Pay Gap (GPG) measure, identify the major drivers behind a WGEA GPG and importantly share our approach and progress towards improving gender diversity within our Group.