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Supporting Boomerang Loop's challenge of a lifetime

FDC’s Jermaine Jones, (Leading Hand, Fitout & Refurbishment NSW) and training partner Ben Swift make up the founding members of Boomerang Loop Au. Together they are cycling 14,251km around Australia in 50 days, aiming to raise $100,000 for Mindfull Aus.

They will travel through NSW, QLD, NT, WA, SA and VIC and will encounter famous Australian landmarks such as The Great Dividing Range and Nullarbor Plain.

It’s a huge challenge, and one we’re proud to be supporting.

As incredibly active individuals growing up, both Ben and Jay know a thing or two about competitive exercise and being active. A shared love for rugby, power and weight lifting has followed the boys throughout adulthood and they are well aware of the positive impact it can have on mental health.

So in 2020, when the world began to shut down and a lockdown loomed they knew it was time to do something big, and Boomerang Loop Au began.

Inspired by incredible feats like climbing 14 mountain peaks in 7 months or cycling the Pan-American Highway in under 100 days, Jay and Ben searched for the biggest physical challenge they could complete. The result? Cycling 14,251km around Australia in just 50 days.



They understand not only how difficult physically it will be to complete the route (full details here), but also the mental strength and endurance it will take. Knowing the awareness they could raise on the positive impact exercise can have on mental health, they reached out to Mindfull Aus.

“Our purpose at Mindfull Aus is to encourage those in high risk areas of Australia to put wellness back into their own hands. Our success derives from equipping those individuals with skills, strategies and techniques to ensure that they not only get-by and cope, but learn to live and lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.” – Our Noble Purpose, Mindfull Aus

All funds raised throughout the challenge will go towards Mindfull Aus’ continued work and support in the community.

Both men have felt the impacts of mental health struggles, whether personally or seeing the effects on friends and those around them. They understand this is an opportunity to give back, championing a hero charity in the mental health sector whilst completing their own biggest test to date.

Setting off on 19th August, this truly is a challenge of a lifetime. We look forward to watching their journey unfold, and are proud to be supporting a cause that makes a personal impact to our people, families partners and beyond.

You can donate to Boomerang Loop Au here.