When kids feel good in their bodies, they’re happier, healthier, and more confident. That’s why FDC proudly supports the Butterfly Body Bright program.

Research has found that body image begins to develop in early childhood and continues in adolescence. Sadly, this is when negative thoughts about the body may start surfacing. Butterfly Foundation estimates that half of pre-adolescent girls and increasing numbers of pre-adolescent boys experience dissatisfaction in their bodies.

That’s why programs like Butterfly Body Bright are so important. It’s about setting a positive foundation for primary school children as they develop their body image.

The first of its kind in Australia, the program empowers children through an evidence-based curriculum that provides age-appropriate lessons to promote positive body image and healthy attitudes towards eating and physical activity. Through a whole school approach, Body Bright also trains staff on promoting this positive body image and provides practical advice on how to develop an appearance inclusive culture at school and resources for families.

Body Bright is particularly special to the FDC team, and we are very proud to have supported the launch of its pilot by raising funds at our 2018 Melbourne Cup Luncheon.

After the very first lesson in the pilot, 54% of children reported that they felt immediately happier about their bodies. Due to its success, the program was able to launch officially to schools on 20 July 2021 and now has 136 participating schools.

“Thank you to FDC for this incredibly generous donation. It allowed us to develop and pilot Butterfly Body Bright and made this program possible,” says Body Bright Manager Dr. Stephanie Damiano. “Without that funding, I don’t think we would have been able to develop such an amazing and comprehensive program for primary schools.”

Butterfly Body Bright wants to bring its program to schools across the country, helping kids all over Australia feel bright in their bodies.