Becoming a cadet at FDC gave me a massive opportunity to experience the construction industry firsthand and learn from people who excelled in their positions. The ability to get a taste of numerous aspects of the company, from my time as an estimator, working on site and then collaborating with a project team, has given me an insight to multiple areas of the industry I may not have experienced otherwise.

FDC is an amazing place to work. One of the company’s core values is that people and relationships come first and this echoes throughout. Everyone is super friendly and always happy to help and make you feel valued in the team.

I spent my first year and a half working within the estimating team. Each member took me under their wing and showed me the ropes. I received constant support and mentoring from each team member and I am so appreciative for the time, effort and energy that was given to me.

Being able to complete my university studies while gaining industry experience is priceless to me. I have found that working in the industry while completing my university studies not only helps my understanding of my university subjects, but will put me in front of my university peers who have not gained industry experience.