I applied for a cadetship with FDC, as it’s a highly commended company throughout its range of offered services. The cadetship program provides a great variety of learning opportunities, with an experienced, well-rounded team to learn from.

The experience gained from working on a live project, and with a team of knowledgeable people, allows you to gain a greater understanding of the processes and procedures. As a cadet, you’re able to understand theoretical lessons at a deeper level, from working within the industry. My project highlight from working in fitout so far has to be my first within the industry: Google ODI Expansion. I was able to learn so much, from so many different people within the year working on this project.

One thing I learnt quite quickly and was always encouraged to do, was to absorb information and always ask questions. There is an abundance of mentorship and support provided by everyone at FDC. The entire team will always assist and provide guidance, allowing you to acquire new knowledge and skills.

There is no greater opportunity than a cadetship, especially with FDC. It allows you to kick-start your career within the construction industry, even if you have little experience prior to joining.