Reeja Nasir has been researching cardiometabolic health and nutrition for the past three years. And now she will be looking to change the lives of children as the recipient for FDC’s PhD scholarship at the Charles Perkins Centre.

Earlier in the year, we announced a three-year PhD scholarship for childhood obesity research at Sydney University’s renowned Charles Perkins Centre. This scholarship, worth $150,000, was specifically made to open new doors and opportunities for a student who is at a financial or social disadvantage.

We’re excited to award this scholarship to researcher Reeja Nasir.

Reeja grew up in a single-parent family, working part-time during her tertiary studies to provide financially for her mother and two school-age brothers. A great deal of her education has been supported by equity scholarships, giving Reeja the opportunity to learn and grow into the thriving academic she is today. And she has always worked hard to reach her goals to honour these opportunities.

After graduating from university, she moved to full-time research, getting her start in animal and reproductive biology research. However, she later found her passions lay in cardiometabolic health and nutrition. Reeja has been investigating this subject full time for nearly three years.

During this time, she has continuously worked with children and their families to learn more about the complex origins and burdens of chronic disease.

Currently, childhood obesity affects a quarter of Australian children under the age of two. It can lead to chronic issues like type 2 diabetes, asthma, sleep apnoea, and orthopaedic or gastronomical problems.

Researching this problem isn’t just a matter of studying biology. Ultimately, it’s an issue connected to the function of society, underpinned by factors like time, money, and opportunity. That’s why the Charles Perkin’s Institute is the perfect host for Reeja’s work. It believes in tackling these topics with a multifaceted approach and houses a flourishing young research community.

FDC is proud to support Reeja and is excited to witness how her research will change the lives of children everywhere.

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