Ben is founder, primary shareholder and Managing Director of the FDC Group of companies. After a career involving various facets of the property sector and building industry, Ben established Facilities Design & Construction (FDC) in 1990.

Ben is focused on our company motto of “the more we contribute to your success, the more we contribute to our own” which sees him have a personal overview of most projects and a genuine interest in how we service our clients.

Business leadership and strategic direction in quality, service and safety are Ben’s primary objectives, with a less enjoyed, but nonetheless important, role in contract law.

Throughout FDC’s growth and development, Ben has led from the front foot, promising and delivering. Ben’s conservative nature has seen FDC mature into a market leader, with a very solid balance sheet and an envied reputation for skill, reliability and risk management.

FDC now partners with many of Australia’s largest landlords and developers to create prized assets, reliable returns, design excellence and highly functional buildings and workspaces.

Perhaps most valued is his approachability and engaging manner, making our workplace culture comfortable and egalitarian.

There is also a genuine and long standing dedication to charity and community projects, which feature highly in both FDC’s (and the broader Cottle family) social responsibility agenda. Perhaps most telling of his character is Ben’s discretion in this benevolence.