FDC recognises that project success relies on a strategic combination of people and process. Our key point of difference is the ability to draw on a vast team of professionals who understand that the journey of project delivery is as important as the destination. By committing the right people from our multi-disciplinary team of over 560 staff, we can support clients and consultant teams to mitigate risk, improve buildability, explore value management and optimise the client experience. Our mantra is to promise less, deliver more. We prefer to be judged on what we deliver rather than what we promise.

It’s more than just words because FDC have a huge talent pool of people with expertise across many disciplines, designed to either lead or support – depending on the client’s engagement preference – the wider project team. These FDC-ers operate with cooperative, not adversarial, attitudes. We respect the boundaries of each consultant’s scope. Our objective is to align all parties to meet or exceed the client’s expectations of quality, safety, time and cost. We assemble the right FDC people to enhance the experience for the client and the project team members. It is important to our culture that we operate with integrity, transparency and a genuine community spirit.

Within his national role, Cornelius helps establish many multi-state service agreements, ensuring consistent service across the country for Australian and global clients. For major projects, he may be appointed the director-in-charge, providing personal oversight as a shareholder and group director, as is commonplace for the company to do. He works with and for many clients across many sectors, both large and small. Cornelius also has an active role in the company’s staff mentoring program, charity / community programs and diversity initiatives.

Prior to the almost twenty years of service at FDC, Cornelius was a supplier to FDC for a decade. The ethical manner in which FDC treats its supply chain is demonstrative of the core family values of trust, fairness and teamwork that underpin the FDC modus operandi.