Green Star & other
sustainability rated projects

At FDC, we’re committed to practices that are environmentally sustainable, wherever possible. FDC is certified to Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 and we have worked on multiple Green Star, NABERS, WELL and LEED-rated projects. We offer our clients a service that meets all their ESD requirements.

Our full list of sustainability rated projects can be found below.

Greenstar Training

FDC have attained Green Star (and other) sustainability certifications on more than 30 of our projects in recent years. This includes nine projects in the past 2 years that have attained minimum 5 and 6-star Green Star ratings. Our project teams are committed to delivering on the promises made to our clients, as well as ensuring that we as a business take our environmental and sustainability responsibilities seriously.

Our project and delivery teams continue to undertake ongoing and comprehensive training in a variety of ESD disciplines, including design, embedded carbon, waste management, re-use, recycling, and product and material circularity. We acknowledge the need to draw on the expertise of our ESD consultants as required, as well as building up our own internal IP.

With several of our delivery team members having achieved Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP) status in the past 12 months, we aim to significantly grow these numbers in coming years and improve and share the knowledge and experiences gained from those team members having successfully delivered so many sustainably and socially responsible projects.

FDC are committed to improving climate outcomes and reducing the GHG emission profile, resulting from our operations and supply chain engagement.

We respect the intent of all recent legislative and regulatory changes relating to mandatory climate-related financial disclosures. FDC are currently taking steps to ensure that we meet all minimum regulatory requirements and continue to aim for industry best practice, consistent with all other facets of our business.