Arnott’s Huntingwood

61 Huntingwood Dr, Huntingwood, 2148, NSW




15 Months

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An impressive addition to FDC’s warehouse deliveries, the Arnott’s highbay storage facility in Huntingwood, NSW.

The new facility is a fully automated storage and retrieval system conditioned for temperature control and product stability.

The highbay warehouse is equipped with leading-edge machinery, including automatic cranes and an extensive conveyer system capable of sorting up to 25,000 pallets a day.

In addition to the new facility, significant extension works were also conducted on the existing lowbay areas. This involved upgraded hardstands, docks, robotic palletising facilities and HV Power upgrades throughout.

The new and refurbished warehouses significantly increase onsite storage capacity and versatility whilst lowering supply chain costs, allowing Arnott’s greater opportunity with new products in the future.


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2021Winner, MBA (NSW), Best Industrial Bulding $20M+

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