Ashwood Secondary College

Ashwood, VIC


Ashwood Secondary College

22 weeks

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As part of the Federal Government’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) program, FDC were engaged to construct a purpose built lab at Ashwood Secondary College for scientific experiments, as well as providing general learning space.

A particular challenge of this project was that the site was previously a sloping bank to a wetland area.

A cut and fill base requiring screw piles to support the ground works was constructed to accommodate the 1,000sqm building.

Above ground, this fully self regulating building controls cross ventilating systems via a number of sensors.

A control panel records all energy and water use to the building as well as environmental influences such as wind speed, rainfall and humidity, all of which can be used in student studies.

Project Features

  • Use of extensive cut and fill base due to wetland area
  • Screw piles required to support ground works
  • Fully self temperature controlled building
  • Incorporating technology to record energy & water use


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