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Atlas Plastics

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As a major producer of plastic bottles, jars and drums for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and food industries, Atlas Plastics sought an innovative facility to gain a competitive edge in this high volume, low margin sector.

FDC’s relevant history with special production facilities and the ability to “value add” with multi-disciplined services, were key reasons for our appointment to this project. With a 24-7 operation, the continuity of production was critical, as was the avoidance of dust, services outages and site dangers for staff.

Reliant on technology and mechanisation, the existing facility was extended by approximately 4,000sqm whilst in constant occupation by the client.

In addition to the extensions, the warehouse facade was updated, along with a new plant room, enhancement to electrical services and exterior features.

Temporary office accommodation was established on site, with seamless data, communications and power cut-over for the interim location – and again for the final move into the upgraded facility.

Project Features

  • Updated warehouse facade
  • Enhancement to electrical services and exterior features


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