DEXUS Richlands – Stage 2

Drive Industrial Estate, Richlands, QLD



DEXUS Property Group

13 months

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The DEXUS Richlands Stage 2 project was the second stage of the Drive Industrial Estate at Richlands. DEXUS Richlands Stage 2 consisted of the construction of 3 warehouses (4 tenancies) on a site covering 5 hectares (50,278sqm). Associated works were the provision of a trunk access road, an electrical substation and widening of Archerfield Road for the length of the eastern frontage of the site.

The DEXUS Richlands Stage 2 buildings were constructed without identified tenants and the design was undertaken to incorporate as much flexibility as possible. The project is a high specification finish which provides an exceptional logistics facility.

The design of this multi building complex incorporates all aspects of industrial construction on the one site. The defining aspects of the DEXUS Richlands Stage 2 project are the complexities of the design and the quality of the finishes. The build itself produced technical and engineering challenges that were overcome as a Project Group enabling the project to achieve such a quality finish. The quality if finishes is evident and this was achieved through a robust QA system.

The DEXUS Richlands, Stage 2, Project in its completion is a visually appealing facility due to high quality of its design and finishing. This has created an enjoyable work place, with amenities throughout the building that cater for any future tenant. When arriving at the entry of the complex its appearance certainly gives an impressive image that show cases DEXUS as a leader in the provision of high quality industrial facilities.

Project Features

  • 3 warehouses (4 tenancies) on a 50,278sqm site
  • Three main buildings totalling 30,237sqm
  • Delivered in 5 separable portions
  • Acoustic sound barrier along eastern boundary of site


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