Kent Removals, Canberra

13 Pethard Rd, Hume, 2620, ACT



Kent Removals

6 Months

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Adding 3,600sqm of warehouse space accompanied by 6,000sqm of external hardstand to Kent Removals Group’s expanding portfolio, this carefully considered facility will enhance security, operational efficiency, and compliance standards as a hub for container and boxit storage.

The project includes comprehensive Customs and Border Security access controls and secure lockdown features. Meanwhile, its external hardstand facilitates seamless movement of goods and vehicles, complemented by 24-hour access to accommodate timely delivery of containers, enhancing logistical capabilities.

State-of-the-art truck wash facilities have also been integrated into the design for a more centralised experience, resulting in improved business efficiency.

The integration of a Fibrecrete slab in the facility’s construction is a testament to modern engineering practices that prioritize durability and performance. This specialized concrete, reinforced with fibrous materials, provides enhanced structural integrity, allowing for the safe and efficient movement of heavy loads. The capability to support a 12-ton forklift for fully loaded container movements not only streamlines operational efficiency but also ensures a higher standard of safety within the logistical processes.

Delivered with project partners:

JMA Architects


LIT Consulting

Steve Watson Partners



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