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2 stages - 4 months per stage

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With Macquarie Telecom unhappy with their previous builder, they approached FDC to manage staged power upgrades to their live facility and the construction of a new data hall within the existing building.

Intellicentre 2 is a fully operational purpose built data centre facility operating 365 days per year, 24 hours per day and is designed as a ‘Mission Critical Facility’. The centre meets the requirements of a Tier 3 data centre as defined by the Uptime Institute and in the ANSI/EIA/TIA-942 standard.

The upgrade of Power system C involved the installation of a new feed from HV Switchboard A to a new Transformer, new Main Switchboard and supplies to 6 new PDUs in a fully operational Data Hall. The power system is supported by a new DRUPS which was craned into the level 2 plant area. An additional chiller was also installed and commissioned into the existing cooling system along with 4 new CRAC units into the existing hall.

The second stage being Power System E upgrade involved the installation of a feed from the existing HV switchboard 2, to a new Transformer, new Main Switchboard and supplies out to data hall 2. The power system is supported by a new DRUPS. An additional chiller, pumps and buffer tank was also installed onto the existing cooling system. A new 900sqm Data Hall was also constructed and fitted out with Raised Floor, busway electrical reticulation, 10 CRAC units and associated fire, security, cladding and general light and power provisions.

Throughout both stages modifications to the existing EMS, Fire, BMS, and security systems were undertaken to align with the new infrastructure.

All works were planned and executed in a manner to ensure the stable and continued operation and uptime of the existing facility. Temporary hoardings and barricades were continually modified throughout the course of the works, to ensure works zones were adequately defined, and that Macquarie Telecom clients were able to maintain access to their equipment at all times.

With the critical nature of the facility, FDC implemented its Data Centre ‘works request’ system for any work which had an impact on existing equipment or services. All requests were subject to approval by the Facility Operator prior to commencing works.

FDC have successfully delivered both upgrades ahead of schedule, and with no impact to the existing operations of the facility. Extensive level 5 testing was also undertaken for both stages.

Project Features

  • Upgrade of power system with new feed from HV switchboard to new transformer
  • Main switchboard supplied 6 new PDUs
  • 4 new CRAC units installed in the existing hall
  • New DRUPS
  • All works were planned and executed to ensure the stability and uptime of the existing facility


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