Parkside Food Co.

88 Cambridge Street, Coorparoo, QLD



Chef Collective

24 weeks

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A first of its kind building for Brisbane, and one of few across Australia, FDC (QLD) are delighted to have completed the demolition and refurbishment of Chef Collective’s commercial space at 88 Cambridge Street.

Purpose built with 29 individual commercial kitchens; Parkside Food Co. was designed to take on the ever-increasing demand from the online food industry. Order production and subsequent delivery with online partners such as Uber Eats and Menu Log can be executed with ease and efficiency across these kitchens, which also feature associated crew rooms, amenities, and fridge freezers.

A significant element to the completion of this project was the mechanical service and plumbing installation that would serve all 29 individual kitchens, and despite challenges from heavy weather and flooding causing contamination to materials, the FDC team and subcontractors worked tirelessly together to complete this fast track program, arriving on site and commencing demolition just 5 days after the contract was awarded.

Congratulations to all involved in this great achievement.

Client PM Blades Project Services

Architect Richmond + Ross

Engineers Bligh Tanner & Plumbing Design & Drafting


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