Sea Life Aquarium, Melbourne – Jellyfish Breeding Lab & Exhibit

Melbourne, VIC



Sea Life Aquarium

12 weeks

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It’s not every day we refurbish a jellyfish breeding lab, but our FDC team in Victoria can now add this to their list of achievements.

Since it opened late last year locals and visitors are able to descend into the mysteriously fascinating world of jellyfish at the Sea Life Aquarium, Melbourne.

The Ocean Invaders exhibit that the FDC team collaboratively delivered features three interactive zones pulsing with multiple species of stunning jellyfish.

The 100sqm project was delivered over two stages. The first stage was the demolition of the existing jellyfish exhibition, structural works and the breeding lab fitout, followed by the second stage which was the fitout of the public area.

Unique project features include:

  • A spherical tank
  • An acrylic floor
  • Jellyfish tanks
  • Surrounds for the feature tanks.

FDC’s Project Manager Martin Armit commented that it was an exciting experience to work on such a unique project.

“Visitors can now crawl through a cylindrical tank surrounded by swarms of colourful jellyfish at the aquarium’s immersive exhibit. It’s great to have been a part of this educational exhibit for the community to enjoy. One thing’s for certain, at FDC every project is different!” Martin said.

FDC worked with Merlin Entertainments, Hot Black and Semz to deliver the design vision of this unique project.

TimeOut Melbourne covered the opening of the new exhibit, reporting this: “Spread out over 300 square metres and three different interactive zones, you can expect to see species such as the upside-down jellyfish (cassiopea andromeda), blue blubber jellyfish (catostylus mosaicus), lion’s mane jellyfish (cyanea capillata) and sea nettles (chrysaora melanaster).”


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