Toll IPEC, Larapinta

Radius Industrial City Estate, Larapinta, QLD




35 weeks

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Toll IPEC is a major national logistics company with operations in major capitals, regional cities and towns around Australia. FDC was retained by Toll IPEC for the construction of an ā€œLā€ shaped cross dock distribution warehouse extending to 13,000sqm located within Radius Industrial City estate in Larapinta. The site area is approx 53,000sqm which includes 40,000 sqm of concrete hardstand. Ancillary office accommodation is contained in two blocks, each over two levels, at the northern and southern ends of the site consisting of 2,000sqm and 500sqm respectively.

Construction was of half height precast and metal wall cladding around the warehouse, with a combination of full height precast and aluminium composite panels to the office areas. Structural steel was used as the main frame with an emphasis on minimal use of columns so as not to interfere with internal truck / forklift movements and the specialist conveyor system layout. The facility also incorporated sunken docks to over half the warehouse perimeter. Ancillary structures within the facility included a truck refuelling depot, dedicated areas for a pump house, back up diesel generator, sprinkler and hydrant tanks, a gas store, entry gatehouse and truck weighbridge.

Of particular note on this project is the structural steel design required to maximise internal usable space over large spans; the co-ordination of sizeable concrete slab and hardstand pours; and the construction of a 6m high keystone retaining wall to the rear corner of the site.

Handover of the project was achieved 2 months ahead of program.

Project Features

  • Two separate admin offices of 2,000sqm & 500sqm
  • Further 40,000sqm of concrete hardstand
  • Half height precast / metal wall cladding to warehouse
  • Full height precast / aluminium panels to office areas
  • Minimal use of columns
  • Integration of specialist conveyor system
  • Truck refueling depot


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