Valley Fresh

145 Hollinsworth Rd, Marsden Park, 2765, NSW



Valley Fresh Global

9 Months

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An impressive delivery for a global leader in the distribution of fresh produce, Valley Fresh’s upgraded warehousing and storage facility by FDC.

The bespoke facility spans 6,000sqm, including the warehouse in addition to main and dock office spaces.

The facility is completely insulated, with full-height PIR panelling as well as temperature and humidity control capabilities, allowing a controlled environment to be maintained for the stored produce.

Other prominent features include ten ripening rooms, nine cool rooms, two fumigation rooms and two pre-cool rooms and racking.

The project will allow for high-quality fruit and vegetable storage, fumigation treatment, ripening, packaging and distribution.

FDC’s extensive expertise within the specialised refrigerated warehouse and fresh produce sectors were fully leveraged to attain a successful project outcome.

A proud delivery with our partners:

LOGOS Property

SBA Architects


Costin Roe

Neil Lowry

Photography: Anthony Fretwell


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