Walkinshaw Performance

Whiteside Road, Clayton, VIC

Showroom and corporate office (1,200sqm), Design Hub (600sqm), Engineering (600sqm)


Walkinshaw Performance

20 weeks

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FDC (VIC) have completed the new production line, design and engineering hubs, and corporate showroom and office for Walkinshaw Performance, Whiteside Road, Clayton.

Walkinshaw Performance is an automotive company, involved in motor racing and the production of high-performance sporting cars for regular road use.

The project involved the construction of a new corporate office and showroom facility integrated into the existing warehouse. The new office offers activity-based work environments complete with sit-to-stand workstations and meeting rooms that offer the latest in audio-visual technology. On another section of the site, existing offices have been redesigned to accommodate the engineering team. Within the design warehouse, FDC constructed a Design Hub with specialised flooring, lighting and acoustics that allows the design team direct access to vehicles within the studio.

FDC delivered this project in conjunction with Gray PuksandECM and McKenzie Group.

Photography: Yvonne Qumi


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