National Herbarium of NSW

Mt. Annan, NSW



Royal Botanic Garden

14 months

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The National Herbarium has been collecting and protecting botanical samples for nearly 170 years now. Today, it boasts the largest collection of its kind in the southern hemisphere. About 8000 new specimens are added each year, with some samples dating back to 1770 – today’s collection is worth an estimated $280 million. So as this compendium grew, so did the Herbarium’s need for more space.

FDC was honoured to have the opportunity to construct, fitout and design the complex mechanical elements of this new benchmark facility for ecological science.

Key features of the project included:

  • Geotechnical remediation on-site
  • Extensive testing and certification of rammed earth as a material
  • Constructing eight rammed earth temperature, pressure, and humidity sensitive vaults, with each tuned to the specific needs of the samples inside
  • Design and implementation of complex HVAC systems to serve labs, quarantine rooms, vaults and more
  • 140m tensioned steel fly roof with rainwater catchment for irrigational use

Today the new facility stands in Mount Annan as part of the National Botanic Gardens. FDC is proud to have delivered such a landmark project in partnership with renowned architects, Architectus and Richard LePlastrier.

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2022Winner, MBA (NSW), Public Buildings, $30M - $60M

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